Sprinkler Alarm Valve

Available variations:


  • SPR165-LA-XLH-GY
  • SPR165-LA-OH1-GY
  • SPR165-LA-OH2-GY
  • SPR165-LA-OH3-GY
  • SPR165-LA-OH3SGY
  • SPR165-LA-XHH -GY
  • SPR165-LA-XHH -75


  • SPR158-XLH
  • SPR158-OH1
  • SPR158-OH2
  • SPR158-OH3
  • SPR158-OH3S
  • SPR158-XHH -10.0
  • SPR158-XHH -07.5

Product Description

The alarm valve is an alarm device designed for installation in a sprinkler system. It is used to actuate a fire alarm when flow of water from the sprinkler system exceeds that of a single sprinkler. When a sprinkler is in operation, the resulting water flow lowers the pressure in the sprinkler system. The greater water supply pressure then causes the alarm valve clapper to open. The seat ring opening of the alarm valve allows the water to flow into the alarm line connection which will then operate the alarm gong.

The by-pass connection in the check valve allows pressure surges from the supply to by-pass the alarm valve clapper. An excess system pressure is thus created which steadies the clapper.

A Retard Chamber is used when the water supply pressure fluctuates, such as public main water supply. It is used to prevent false alarms caused by surges or fluctuations in pressure.


Working pressure : 175Psi (12bar)
IFactory hydrostatic test pressure : 350Psi (24bar)
Flange Connections : ANSI B16.1 125 FF Flange
Thread Connections : BSP Thread

Code No.
Valve Size
Friction Loss
4″ (100mm)
5.0m (equivalent length
6″ (150mm)
8.0m (equivalent length)

Note: retard chamber, trim parts, alarm gong and water motor and pressure switch to be ordered separately


The sprinkler system flowmeter is designed to test the rate of flow available for
coverage of various hazards.

Flowmeter Application:

Flowmeter can be used in wet and dry sprinkler Systems in all hazard groups, which complies to L.P.C.Codes.

Code No. Description Hazard Group Orifice Size (mm)
Flowmeter Gauges
SPR165-LA-XLH-GY SPR158-XLH XLH 21.0/18.5
SPR165-LA-OH1-GY SPR158-OH1 OH1 31.0
SPR165-LA-OH2-GY SPR158-OH2 OH2 40.0
SPR165-LA-OH3-GY SPR158-OH3 OH3 45.0
SPR165-LA-OH3SGY SPR158-OH3S OH3 Special 50.0
SPR165-LA-XHH -GY SPR158-XHH -10.0 XHH 10.0 mm/min 62.0
SPR165-LA-XHH -75 SPR158-XHH -07.5 XHH 7.5 mm/min 58.5

Note: The drain pipework down stream of the orifice plate must have a friction loss of less than 300 mb.


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