Pressure Regulating Valve ‘E’ Type

Available variations:

  • WRS121-GM-65BSP*
  • WRS120-GM-65TE
  • WRS120-GM-65ANSI
  • WRS120-GM-65PN16*
  • WRS120-GM-80ANSI

Product Description


• Suitable for inlet pressure up to 20bar
• Reduced outlet static pressure can be set from 5 to 8bar
• Outlet pressure remain constant with inlet pressure range from 7bar to 20bar
• Pressure test to 30bar
• Minimum Flowrate up to 1400L/M

Code No.
 Inlet Size
 Male BSP Thread 65mm
 BS 10 Table E Flange 65mm
 ANSI 150 Flange 65mm
 BS 4504 PN16 65mm
 ANSI 150 FF Flange 80mm


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