Handline Nozzle Auto Water/Foam La 2″

Available variations:

  • FOS005-LA-050-BK

Product Description

This nozzle provides a combination fog and straight stream flow. Flowrate and flow pattern can be adjusted without closing the
nozzle. Flowrate can be adjusted from 340LPM to 530LPM. Nozzle can be easily open and close with the quick turn handle.
This nozzle provides excellent discharge in the application of AFFF and non-protein foam.
Code No. Material Finishing Inlet Size Flowrate @ 65Psi (4.4 Bar)
FOS005-LA-050-BK Aluminium Alloy Natural 2″ & 2 1/2 Male BSP  90-119-140-FLUSH GPM
2 1/2″ Male BS336 340-450-530-FLUSH LPM
Setting Flow rate @ 6 Bar Throwrange @ 6 Bar
JET 1/2 Spray Full Spray Jet
90G / 340L 368 LPM 372 LPM 372 LPM 30 m
119G / 450L 464 LPM 482 LPM 494 LPM 25 m
140G / 530L 520 LPM 560 LPM 568 LPM 25 m
FLUSH 564 LPM 620 LPM 620 LPM 15 m


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