Foam Line Proportioner

Available variations:

  • FOS040-GM-380-RD
  • FOS040-GM-570-RD
  • FOS040-GM-760-RD
  • FOS040-GM-950-RD
  • FOS040-GM-1140-RD
  • FOS040-GM-1843-RD

Product Description

  • Water flowing through foam line proportioner creates a vacuum which draw foam
    concentrate into the unit to mix with the flowing water.
  • Suitable for fixed foam system
  • Low cost foam proportioning system
  • Connect foam suction inlet to foam storage tank
  • Material: Gun Metal
  • Inlet 2-1/2″ BSP, Outlet 2-1/2″ BSP
  • Suitable for foam spray system and foam hydrant station
  • Available with 3% or 6% foam concentration proportioning
Code No.  Flowrate @ 101 Psi (7 Bar)
 FOS040-GM-380-RD  380 LPM
 FOS040-GM-570-RD  570 LPM
 FOS040-GM-760-RD  760 LPM
 FOS040-GM-950-RD  950 LPM
 FOS040-GM-1140-RD  1140 LPM
 FOS040-GM-1843-RD  1893 LPM


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