Fire Hydrant Valve BS 5041

Available variations:

Straight Through Valve

  • DRS107-GM-65BSP*
  • DRS107-GM-65NST
  • DRS108-GM-65ANSI
  • DRS108-GM-65PN16*
  • DRS108-GM-65TE
  • DRS108-GM-UK80AB

Right Angle Valve

  • DRS105-GM-65BSP*
  • DRS106-GM-65TE
  • DRS106-GM-65PN16
  • DRS106-GM-UK65AB
  • DRS106-GM-UK80AB

Bib Nose Valve

  • DRS109-GM-UK65AB
  • DRS109-GM-UKPN16*
  • DRS109-GM-UK65MB*
  • DRS109-GM-UKTE
  • DRS109-GM-UK80AB

Oblique Valve

  • DRS097-GM-65BSP*
  • DRS098-GM-65ANSI
  • DRS098-GM-65PN16*
  • DRS098-GM-80ANSI
  • DRS098-GM-65TE

Product Description


Body : Copper Alloy to BS 1982
Handwheel : Grey Cast Iron to BS EN 1561
Inlet : Flanged or BSP screw thread
Outlet : Female instantaneous to BS 336 and other connections

Pressure Test: 7 bar

Manufacture and certified to BS 5041 Part 1*

Nominal size: DN65 2-1/2”, DN50 2″. DN80 3″

Straight Through Valve
 Code No.  Inlet Size
 DRS107-GM-65BSP* Male BSP Thread 65mm
 DRS107-GM-65NST  Female Screw 65mm-NST
 DRS108-GM-65ANSI  ANSI 150 FF Flange 65mm
 DRS108-GM-65PN16*  BS 4504 PN16 65mm
DRS108-GM-65TE  BS 10 Table E Flange 65mm
DRS108-GM-UK80AB  ANSI 150 FF Flange 80mm

Right Angle Valve

 Code No.  Inlet Size
 DRS105-GM-65BSP*  Male BSP Thread 65mm
 DRS106-GM-65TE  BS 10 Table E Flange 65mm
 DRS106-GM-65PN16  BS 4504 PN16 65mm
 DRS106-GM-UK65AB  ANSI 150 FF Flange 65mm
 DRS106-GM-UK80AB  ANSI 150 FF Flange 80mm
Bib Nose Valve
 Code No.  Inlet Size
 DRS109-GM-UK65AB  ANSI 150 FF Flange 65mm
 DRS109-GM-UKPN16*  BS4504 PN16 65mm
 DRS109-GM-UK65MB*  Male BSP Thread 65mm
 DRS109-GM-UKTE  BS10 Table E Flange 65mm
 DRS109-GM-UK80AB  ANSI 150 FF Flange 80mm
Oblique Valve
 Code No.  Inlet Size
 DRS097-GM-65BSP*  Male BSP Thread 65mm
 DRS098-GM-65ANSI  ANSI 150 FF 65mm
 DRS098-GM-65PN16*  BS 4504 PN16 Flange 65mm
 DRS098-GM-80ANSI  ANSI 150 FF 80mm
 DRS098-GM-65TE  BS 10 Table E Flange 65mm


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