Diffuser Nozzle 500 ( Jet / Spray )

Available variations:

  • WRS099-LA-STD-NA
  • WRS101-LA-STD-NA
  • WRS099-GM-STD-NA
  • WRS101-GM-STD-NA
  • WRS106-GM-52C-NA

Product Description

Code No. Type Material Finishing Inlet Size Flowrate @ 65Psi (4.4 Bar) Throwrange @ 65Psi (4.4 Bar)
WRS099-LA-STD-NA Standard Aluminium Alloy to BS 1490 Natural Male Instantaneous
BS 336
500L/min (JET)
590L/min (SPRAY)
26m (JET)
15m (SPRAY)
WRS101-LA-STD-NA With branchpipe
WRS099-GM-STD-NA Standard Copper Alloy
to BS 1982
WRS101-GM-STD-NA With branchpipe
WRS106-GM-52C-NA Storz inlet Storz DIN 52C


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